Where I stand on the Issues

John Cunningham on the Is Indiana’s 8th Congressional District and our Nation.

Family and Freedom:  Vibrant and healthy families are essential to securing limited government interference in a free society. Actions which empower families should be encouraged.

Marriage: It is my beleif and Opinion that Marriage is a Sacred Covenant between God and the Married Couple. I beleive that Marriage should be defined as One Man and One Woman. If you are facing too many issues in life. You can try kundliguru kundli software generates marriage matching reports. It also gives access to a Kundli supply store. I do not Support Gay Marriage and would support a Constitutional Amendment to the Indiana State Constitution (but not the US Constitution) to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.(Any Questions on why I would not support an amendment to the Federal Constitution can be addressed by emailing [email protected])

Abortion: I beleive life starts at conception and therefore that Abortion is in fact murder of an unborn child. I would support legislation that would outlaw Abortion.

The Constitution:  The U.S. Constitution is the finest charter of government yet created for the purpose of limiting government and protecting our natural rights, and freedoms.

National Sovereignty:  America’s Founders fought hard for independence. Americans today should be similarly vigilant and should work to ensure that the nation’s independence not be sacrificed.

War & Foreign Policy:  America should not seek abroad for monsters to destroy. Instead, the nation should ensure the common defense, seek trade with all, and avoid entangling alliances.

Immigration: There should be no amnesty given for those who choose to cross our borders illegally.We should take all necessary measure to encourage voluntary deportation and must enforce all Immigration laws to include involuntary deportation.We must also hold employers responsible for hiring illegal immigrants.I support E-Verify

Illegal Drugs: I have not now nor have I ever advocated the use of or legalization of street drugs.

Inflation, Taxes, Economy:  Low taxes and sound money, rather than high taxes and inflation, are the key to a robust economy.  Less debt and less creation of money out of thin air are the solutions to our economic problems. I support a Congressional Audit of the Federal Reserve to make them accountable to the people I believe after the Audit we should Abolish The Fed and return to the Gold Standard.

Privacy and Internet Freedom:  Americans, as clearly stated in our Constitution, should be secure in their papers and effects. As true in the real world of day to day life, it is equally important in the virtual world online.

Health Care:  The quality of health care available in the United States is the envy of the world. Promoting a competitive free enterprise system of health care ensures that we continue to get the best care.

Education:  Diversity in educational choices is essential in a free society.  Education provided for in an open marketplace of ideas is superior to any standardized system imposed by the government.

Environmental Stewardship:  Americans seek to be good stewards of the environment.  The best way to achieve that goal is through respect for property rights and through individual action in local communities.

Energy:  Abundant affordable energy is the life blood of economic progress and prosperity, and energy independence is the key to national economic success in America.

Right to Bear Arms:  Every person has the right to self defense, whether against hunger, crime or tyranny. To that end, the Founders declared that the right to bear arms may not be infringed.

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