Letter to The Editor as featured in the Terre Haute Tribune Star 26 March 2010

Americans have lost more freedom on Sunday, March 21, the United States House of Representatives passed another unconstitutional bill taking away more of your freedoms and individual liberties. They did this without any authority given in the U.S. Constitution. They boast that they are given this power under the commerce clause when in fact they are in direct violation of the 10th Amendment usurping power from the states and the people and giving it to an ever-increasing totalitarian federal government.I stress this point to my fellow citizens. Today, we lost freedom. I only hope that the media will pick this up so as to wake up sleeping patriots and statesmen who will join me in shouting with one united voice, “Washington, we are coming and we are taking our country back, and it starts in November 2010.”— John Cunningham Libertarian Candidate Indiana’s 8th District

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